Multiple Compilation CDs with same catalog number

I have a major problem! First, I really love MP3Tag! Now - on to the problem...

I have a lot of compilations with multiple CDs. In most instances, each CD has the same catalog number as the others in the set. When I use MusicBrainz, I can see that there are 2 CDs in the set, but I can't segregate out, from the list in MP3Tag, the tags for the songs in the folder I am working with.

Example:Modern Rock: Dance, Time-Life/Sony Music A2 30980 R828-05. This is a two-CD set with 24 songs, 12 on each CD.

I can't find a way to remove the songs/tracks from the suggested list so that those remaining will be assigned to the tracks I am working with.

Any suggestions?

Move the tracks you're working with until they are beside the appropriate tracks on the suggested list.
A selected track or multiple tracks can be moved using the "Move" buttons or by holding the Alt key while dragging and dropping.