Multiple Covers on Itunes for same album

I have renamed my MP3 collection using MP3tag which includes adding cover art to the majority of my MP3s. All seems to work well as I see the cover art on my 5g Ipod.
The only issue that I have noticed is that when I use the Coverflow option in the latest Itunes it shows multiple covers for the same album. These seem to be compliation albums so instead of displaying one cover for an album it shows a cover for each of the artists on the album. Does Coverflow work on Album name, is it a setting in Itunes or do I have to rename all of my MP3s again. My fear is that Im contemplating getting an Itouch and I dont think the interface will be as efficient as it should be if the coverflow is showing multiple covers for the same album

Ive been advised to use Itunes to make the same album as a compilation, can I get mp3tag to do this, hopefully automatically
cheers for you help

You can try to set ITUNESCOMPILATION to 1 via [Alt+T].

I do have the same problem. Did anyone find a solution for this problem?
Album artist and compilation tag are tagged.