Multiple DB query

I would REALLY like to be able to query all of the different resources at once and have a screen comparing the outputs. Showing in green were they agree and red were they disagree. A consesus column and a button to update.

That would be cool, but
you'd have to change all existant websources scripts and add code to Mp3tag. So it would be really a lot of work. Especially as the different sources vary significantly in what and how they show the information.

Just wanted to share my mockup of how a multiple database query tagger could work:

Discussed further here:;postcount=23

Forget it.
You cannot rely on it that the underlying HTML sources are always alike, they may change from now to then, today so, tomorrow other, no warranty to be stable at any time.
There is no reliable chance to fetch all the data you want in the moment you need it.
It would be a Sysiphus work to maintain such a meta data miner you are dreaming of.
Give it up!


Most of the sources offer a free web service. Ideally PUID/TRMs would be used for MusicBrainz. The only one here that would need to access HTML is AMG. TrackType is not included as an example but also is a free web service.

And of course there is always the legitimate option of actually paying for access to site. I know, its novel.

A nice 5 month bump. Ripstation says they will be using this idea, hopefully dBpoweramp will. Florian, I would love to see you offer the idea. I would pay for the app!! As well as any subscription fees.