Multiple discs - best practice?


So far I've stored the files in folders like this:

  • Artist\Album - Disc 1
  • Artist\Album - Disc 2

Each folder starting with track #1, and the album tag being "Album - Disc 1"

Sadly my new car is a bit crappy when it comes to browsing audio files, and I have to come up with a solution. The main problem is the lack of playlist support. When I want to play an album with multiple discs I have to play the first, then browse to find the next disc and play that.

My initial solution was to

  • Move all files into the same album folder
  • Drop the disc number from the album tag
  • Keep existing discnumber and tracknumber tags

This solution was quickly discarded after a few tests.
The main problem was the audio players sorting, or rather lack of sorting, of the tracks.
All track #1 were listed before #2 and so on.

At this moment I'm thinking of discarding the idea of each disc starting with track #1.
This should ease the sorting issue, but my OCD are going to kick in. :smile:

If anyone has any good ideas or input I'd appreciate this much!


You could simply put the discnumber in front of the track number, so that the first track on disc 1 becomes 101, the first on disc 2 becomes 201.
Then remove any additons to the album that refer to the disc and leave just the plain album name.
The car player should then sort the tracks correctly.

If you want to get rid of the leading (implicit) discnumber in TRACK, use an action of the type "Format value" for TRACK and the
format string: $num($mod(%track%,100),2)