Multiple fields in actions?


I searched around the forum, but couldn't find anything related to this, so I'm making a thread. Can I apply an action on multiple fields? For example, I want to apply case conversation to all fields, except Comment, Genre & Album, but I'm not sure how I can do it. I have it set to _TAG at the moment, but it messes my comments.

Thanks in advance for any help!

It's not possible to exclude certain fields from _TAG
Your only choice probably is to make a single action for each tag field you want to change.

Hmm, that's too bad, because I have around 10 actions that I want to execute on at least three tags, it would be hard work doing copy&paste. Oh, well, I'll think of something else then... Thanks!

If you have a lot of fields you want to edit and only a few that you want to leave, export them, run the actions over _TAG and then reimport the old information from the fields you wanted to keep using the Taglist-File - Tag converter.

Another option is to use _TAG for the most general action and append serveral other actions for the specific fields (like COMMENT).

Thanks for the replies, people, especially Sebastian Mares! I really like your idea! I configured an export for a few fields to a .txt file, then export, run the actions and reimport the tags... works like a charm! :smiley:


This is just what I want!!

I want to format only certain field and not others.. How is that? :frowning:


How would that be possible?

Thank you.

Hi freekey, you've jumped onto a rather old thread, not the fine art to ask a new question.

You wrote ...

... if so, then you got the answer already in this thread.

Use Mp3tag in it's simplest way to use.
If you unsure how to use Mp3tag, then you might have a look into the help section, so press key [F1] from within Mp3tag. Because the help is somewhat context sensitive, you should be automatically guided to the fitting help description.

Mp3tag support about four different views or methods to "format a tag field":
The Panel view.
The List view.
The Converters.
The Actions.

Use the range as you can..


Hello DetlevD

Thanks for your quick response.

I do seek for the Help first for your info. Only when I think I did not find what I need in the Help, only I ask in this forum. Besides, sometimes we used a different term for the same action, aren't we?

Moreover, in this case. Logically it's really simple. That is we want to set format for several fields in one shot or want to exclude fields.

It does make sense right?

I came across this old topic when I searched for 'exclude'.

So, since it is 4 years old already, is this still cannot be achieved via the latest version of mp3tag?


Or maybe can we set a dummy tag or something to point to the desired tags to be formatted?

Just like the _ALL, _TAG thing?

Can we?

Thank you.

You are a user of Mp3tag since about 5 years or so.
In the meantime you should have seen how Mp3tag works and let you choose the tagfields, which you want to manipulate.