Multiple fields processing

I've been using mp3tag for long period. It is very powerful tagger. Thanks for your very good job, Florian.

I'm going to use ID3V2.4 tags with multiple fields for my mp3 collection. But mp3tag lacks some support on processing multiple fields.
All variables (%artist%, %album%) return just the first field. But I need to process all fields.
Moreover I would appreciate actions which can process data from all selected files and set the collected information to each file.
E.g. I want to set %album artist% field to all artists who made the album. So I want to select all files in an album, and then run the action which formats field %album artist% according to concatenation of %artist% fields from selected files. Of course, the %artist% should return multiple field values (not just the first entry). And on the best, the concatenation should allow sorting and removing duplicates.

Well my suggestions and feature requests:

  1. add support for multiple field processing (e.g. %artist% returns all fields separated by \\ or configurable separator, $first(%artist%) returns just the first entry, or $element(%artist%,2) returns 2nd multiple field item)

  2. add support for processing over a selected bunch of files - e.g. action 'concatenate fields' with option to sort individual entries and remove duplicates

Well, the definitely cool feature would be scripting in mp3tag. A nice inspiration could be mzScheme in Foobar's Playlist Tree Panel (

Please, can you add at least the first requested feature? I think many people will appreciate such functionality.
With scripting, the mp3tag could became the most powerful tagger in the world.

Anyway, again thanks for such a good job done on mp3tag.

I second this, good suggestions.