Multiple file craetion


It would be useful, if you can place the command $filename(your_filename) everywhere within the script file (not only in the beginning of it). For example you could create m3u files as many as artist / album etc. :slight_smile:

Possible script:

$loop(%_filename_ext%)#EXTINF:%_length_seconds%,$if(%artist%,$if(%title%,%artist% - %title%,%_filename%),%_filename%)


I'm here again.

We could do complete HTML structure in this way by some clicks. :rolleyes:

Any chance to integrate this thing? Please... Maybe in version 3.0? Or I am the only one who would like this feature?

EDIT: OK. I made a little software to split up the file created by MP3Tag into several pieces with the name and path I need. (I should have created 458 m3u files with unique names in special directories manually. I'm reorganizing my sound archives now.)

I realized that this function was requested by milka here.