Multiple filter

I have tried to find the answer honest!

Is it possible to have multiple filter for the same field.

For instance in artist field to filter any artists that contain

beatles or beat
beatles and beat


Assuming that the album tag fields contain either 'beatles' or 'beat', assuming that there are also strings like 'beat the beatles' in one album field, you simply may use the filter function [F3] in grid/trackview.
Select ALBUM from the dropdown list and type into the editfield:
beatles : This will display only tracks which album string contains 'beatles'.
beat : This will display tracks which album string contains 'beatles' or 'beat'.

Is this the solution what you are searching for?

The editfield can understand regular expression.
You may try this out, if you have special needs furthermore.


Thank you, as always, for prompt attention.
Not actually the answer I was looking for – maybe my example was too simple.

I am looking to use an "and/or" search in the filter.

If you have a large collection you may have the following under artists names

“beatles” or “the beatles” or “beatles, the” or “beetles” or “beatells” or “eatells”
I know that you could make an action to find all the above variants and change them to “beatles”

But what I am looking to do is to use the filter with an “and /or” option.
So the filter would be
"beatles or the beatles or beatles, the or beetles or beatells or eatells"
What do I do so that the filter recognises “or”


As I mentioned before the filter is regexp sensitive, so an OR function should look like this:
(beatles|the beatles|beatles, the|beetles|beatells|eatells) (not tested)


Great! That works.
To take it one step further
How would this work
Find " ing " or " in' "
i.e. Burning or Burnin'
Want to make all the ending letters the same for the same song.

also, now we have the "or" option sorted, how to I solve the "and" option.

Sorry if I appear a little naive.

Should be the same way as before, something like this:
(ing |in' )

An AND function should be look like this (note the sequence of words):

You may use something like this to work around the given sequence of words: