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I did read that there won't be an explorer like tree. I'm not sure if my request falls under that umbrella, but here goes. When selecting or adding a folder, it would be very convenient to be able to select multiple folders in the browse window. I have about 400 folders and I would like to pick out certains ones to tag as "Classic Rock". Unfortunately, I have to select each and every folder that I choose, individually, add it to the list, then go back and click on add folder and expand the tree and select another folder and click OK, and then do it all over again for each folder. It would be nice if I could just click on Add Folder and select multiple folders in the browse window. It would save a large amount of time and effort.


The folder browser is a Windows internal dialog which, unlike the file browser, doesn't support multi-select.


You can open the folder where those folder you want to add are in explorer and drag&drop multiple folders to Mp3Tag holding Ctrl-Key.



I can't get this to work...
I open explorer and drag a folder to Mp3, this works fine and when
I hold down Ctrl the folder is added to the folder(s) already in Mp3.
But if I try to drag multiple folders (even with Ctrl), it just don't work,
I still have to do them one at a time...


Yes, this happens here, too. :frowning:


Strange, :huh: I always thought it works this way, but now I have the same problem...

As a workaround you could drag&drop all folders to some audio player, save the playlist and open it with mp3tag.


To bad :frowning: , you can only drag&drop one by one folder holding Ctrl-Key.


Dragging multiple files/folders is on my internal wish-list, but it'll take some time (read: not to the next final), because I'm very busy with my diploma and final exams at the moment.

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Drag & Drop von mehreren Verzeichnissen

Good luck to you!