Multiple format value action?

Is there some kind of action to which a list of tag fields could be written- so that all of them would be formatted with the content of one and the same source field [or some fixed data]?

I am thinking about equivalent of writing many format values actions. Instead of creating similar actions within one group- create just one action, to which quickly a list of fields could be put. Something like the "Remove fields", to which we can neatly and quickly insert "album;albumartist;artist;comment;composer" etc.

You might have guessed it: use "Guess values":
Source: this==that==other==more==stuff
Pattern: %album%==%albumartist%==%artist%==%comment%==%composer%

I tried to make this work but I could not

I ended up going to the folder and editing the .MTA file

It would have been interesting to see data that would be the same for several fields.
And then it would have been interesting to see what the code would have looked like - and dig into possible reasons why it would not have worked.

I am sorry but I am not able to comply

I did so much unusual work during last couple of days I was constantly adding and deleting actions, exports and columns, as they were mostly for temporal usage. [I was heavily reorganizing my system; and I am still finishing it]

As I recall I was just guessing how the guess values should look like [no pun intended], trying out various combinations