Multiple genre field

Do the players today know to separate few genres in genre field if needed to?

How do you separate genres? "/" ";" "," "And &"?

It depends whether your player understands V2 tags as only those allow user defined genres.
And for the separator: give it a try. (or in other words: as multiple genres are user-defined anyway there is no standard separator as these genres are taken as single genre anyway.)

I already knew V1 is pretty primitive, as most of the fields has characters limit and many disabled functions such as user-defined genre.. I just didn't know if there are players that can read more than a single genre by looking for any sort of separator in the field..

Thank you.

Foobar does so very nicely. In Playlist view, multi genres are separated by ',' in the genre column. In the editor, a ';' is used. If, for instance you have multi genres of Rock, Live, then that particular song will show up in the Library/Album list/Genre twice - under Rock and under Live.

To set up your tag in Mp3tag, you can do so several ways: in the 'Genre' column, separate the genres with two backslashes '\\'. You can also do this in the genre tag editor. An alternate way is to add a second Genre field in the Extended Tag Editor. Any of these methods will result in a second Genre field showing in the Extended tag editor.

This method, incidentally, can also be used (in both Foobar and Mp3tag) to have multi Artists.
eg. White Light, White heat - David Bowie\\Lou Reed

One caveat: In versions prior to 2.46a: A filter in Mp3tag applied where there is multi Artists or Genres will show hits for the first listed one only. Using the example above, filtering for artist Lou Reed would not get a hit on that particular song. Also see following post by dano.

Mp3tag and Foobar play very nicely together... Both are absolutely top-notch programs.

Filter can also search in multiple values of a tag:
genre HAS Pop ... searches in all values
%genre% HAS Pop ... only in the first

thank you both! :slight_smile: