multiple genres in wmp11


i've been using wmp11 for quite a while now, and just recently made the switch to foobar2000. just about everything is working perfectly so far, but there seems to be a problem about the way wmp handles multiple genres.

in wmp, under the genre column, it displays the multiple genres i have entered as "genre1; genre2", but in both foobar2000 and mp3tag, i only see the "genre1" under the genre section and the other genres are nowhere to be found.

how do i change the multiple genres in wmp into something that can be recognized by foobar2000 and mp3tags (and maybe retain the compatibility with wmp if possible)? hopefully i won't have to manually re-tag all the genres in my collection...

thanks in advance for your help.


I had a look at it and it seems that WMP doen't store the additional genre in the tag but in its internal database.