Multiple genres per album


Is it possible to use a filter to find albums with more than one genre?

Multi-value tag-field GENRE:
Groove Metal\\Symphonic Black Metal\\Thrash Metal

("$meta(GENRE)" HAS "Metal") AND ("$meta(GENRE)" HAS "Groove")

("$meta(GENRE)', '" HAS "Groove Metal, ") AND ("$meta(GENRE)', '" HAS "Thrash Metal, ")

"$if($eql($meta(GENRE,1),),0,1)" IS 1

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Hi DetlevD,

Thanks for your quick answer and examples. I will try to be more exact. How can I find an album where GENRE is > 1? I have tried

"$if($eql($meta(GENRE,1),),0,1)" IS 1

but that didn't work.

It works for me. See attached picture.

Try it out using this example file:
20101114.Genre.Multiple.Example.mp3 (2.03 KB)

And this works too to detect a file which contains a multi-value GENRE tag-field.
"$iflonger($regexp($meta(GENRE),'[^,]',),,1,0)" IS 1


20101114.Genre.Multiple.Example.mp3 (2.03 KB)

Sorry I wasn't clear enough, but I'm looking for multiple genres per album, and not per song. In my 60.000 plus collection I have seen some albums with, let's say 10 songs, where 5 songs have genre Rock, and 5 songs have Pop-Rock. I would like to query my collection to see if there are more albums were different genres are used.

Yes you wrote "album", sorry, I have overlooked this particular information.

In general it makes sense, that different files within an album can contain different music of different genre types, and it is not a fault per se.


Of course, I agree, multiple genres within an album is not a fault per se, but how do I query my collection to find this?