Multiple genres

I read that ID3v2.4 supports multiple genres. Is this correct and how can this be done in MP3Tag?
In short, I would like to tag my mp3 files with (separate) genres such as "female vocal" "live" "rock" and "pop" instead of having one genre for "female volcal live pop rock".

Thank you for the assistance!

I do not know about the V2.4 tag's features for multiple genres.

Please note that V2.4 tags are not handled by Windows Media Player or Explorer.
Set Tools>Options>Tag>Mpeg to V2.4
so that you save tags with this version.
To create multiple tags open the extended tags dialogue (alt-T) and press the New button to create a new field.
You may repeat the creation of new fields (even of the same type) as often as you require.
To get the contents back again, see the online help on the $meta function as these entries will be treated as multivalue fields.