Multiple ID3 entries in a single file?

I run into weird problem while trying to import WMP library to Google Music:

A number of mp3 files show different title/album tags in mp3tag/wmp and in google music page. Upon closer inspection (i.e. looking at the files in notepad) I noticed multiple (double) "ID3" strings, followed by different TIT2, TALB etc. tags. It appears that mp3tag and wmp only show the 1st ID3 entry info, while google music show the second.

How can I fix this?

First make sure at Options > Tags > Mpeg that Remove [x] ID3v2 is selected.

You can use "Right click > Tag Cut" to remove the first ID3v2 tag. This also saves the current tag to the clipboard.
Then you should see the 2nd ID3v2 tag. Now you can decide which one you want to keep.

If you want to restore the first, use "Right click > Tag Paste". It overwrites the current tags with the data from the clipboard.
Or if you prefer the second just leave it.

To avoid that WMP creates multiple ID3v2 tag blocks, make sure you use ID3v2.3


Thanks for suggestion.

I did not understand the following:

Where and how do I make sure that I use v2.3?

At Options > Tags > Mpeg you can set the ID3v2 version that Mp3tag should write.

WMP cannot read ID3v2.4 so it adds a new v2.3 tag at the beginning of the file.