multiple id3 tagging

I have a collection of all UK singles for 2009 and want to ID3 tag them as a batch process.

As there are over 350 tracks it would take ages to do them individually.

Wondered if there was a feature within mp3tag which would do this or if it could be added


PS great program

I doubt that this verdict of yours in an honest one although I completely agree.
Have you had a look at the concept of MP3tag e.g. in the help files or did you search this forum to get a hint of what to do?
If you had you would have seen that there are really lots of ways to get information.
Just to get you started: do the file names give a clue which piece of audio you have in front of you?
Are any tags already filled?
If all the information is missing then you do not stand a chance to get it done with mp3tag. Then you would have to listen to your 350 tracks and research the corresponding data. MP3tag will then help you to store that data in the tags.

A Couple of questions?

  1. What is the format of your file names ? Example Artist - title.mp3 ?
  2. Which Tags are you trying to fill ? There are a lot !!! Example: Artist, Title, Composer, Album, Track No, Genre, Album Art, Publisher, Lyrics etc etc etc
350 aint a lot I'm manually doing around 20-30 a day, so that means only 10-15 days. And I'm Tagging music files ranging from 1930 - 2011. And I still have around xxxxx files to go.

In whole honesty, Manual tagging is the only way to do it, as (maybe) you will want to know (I do) if a song comes from it's own album or from a greatest hits album or was just a single release)

if they're singles and they're untagged your best bet is to use Picard to analyse the files and ascertain metadata based on the results of the analysis. Picard can write the resultant metadata for you and you can then fine tune using mp3tag.

The singles are tagged with the exception of the cover artwork.

This is mainly what I need to do, I was hoping for a way or program to use the id3 tag already within the track to download the coverart on multiple tracks....these tracks are MP3 @ 320kbps