Multiple Instances of mp3tag?

Hi. I am doing something that is taking mp3tag probably several days to run (don't ask). So, I want to run a second instance of mp3tag. I am on windows 10. Is this possible? I have tried the shift click and that does not work. I also tried running in sandboxie and this kind of works but not very user friendly.

Any thoughts?



Currently, there is no official way to run multiple instances of Mp3tag on the same machine.

Workarounds as using multiple VM's or other solutions are not just a click away. If they access the same tracks at the same time no one will guarantee that you get the expected result. So please backup your tracks before you try such unsupported attempts.

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see here:

I am not even sure that MP3tag would read the tags from already loaded files again once it has started a process - but use the intially round data.
This would mean that all changes that you make in the meantime with the second instance would be lost.

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Yea I am not even reading the same drive let alone the same files. I am tagging on a network drive some files. I want to run a copy for some stuff locally. So not worried about same tags and the like.

In my environment it is much faster to copy (many) songs from the NAS/network drive to a fast local SSD, load them locally into Mp3tag and then copy/move them back to the network drive.

Even if all your devices are connected to a Gigabit-LAN it is much slower then working with local files on the same machine. So maybe your "severals days" can be reduced to several hours, if you do your work on your local machine.

Yea that's not really an option. The files are too large to move so just letting it run in background is fine. But that was why I was looking to run another instance. If it's not possible I can just run it in sandboxie. Thank you.

Then, unfortunately, it will take even longer. To tag huge files over a network connection is really extremely time consuming. In the worst case, you (Mp3tag) have to write them completely new at the target.