Multiple Renaming Error

I have a situation I can not determine why it's happening or how to stop it.

It seems certain field I created correspondes to a preset names and when you update or modifiy the field it will duplicate the field tag.

Here's what I mean.

I'm using the field Copyright as Recording Source.

Artist: Michael Jackson
Recording Source: Google Play

Field: Copyright
Original: g
Replace With: Google Play

Here's what I get:

Artist: Michael Jackson
Recording Source: GoogleMusic Play

If I run the action again, without erasing it, I get:
GoogleMusicmusicmusic (and on and on and on).

I never ever entered "Google Music Play" and no matter what I do it changes it back to "GoogleMusic Play"

how do I get rid of it. It's like it's preprogrammed to change if the word google is used.


If you want to transfer one field to another, then you should not use the "Replace" action but the "Format value" action for the target field with %source field% as format string.
Enter the correct field name instead of %source field%.