multiple replacement scheme when renaming?


My tag data sometimes has characters w/ accents like á â ä etc. I want to keep those there, but when I rename my file I don't want those charater to mess with the display screen since I use systems with different languages. So I want to replace all those "á â ä" with a plain "a" when renaming. I guess I can use a nested $replace script, but since there are so many things to replace, it probably would get out of control. Any idea how to do it?


EDIT: one other question: how can I extract the first part of discnumber? (e.g. I want only x but the discnumber field is x/y)


Filenames are saved in unicode on windows or do you want to use the files outside of windows?

There's no one step function for this.
Maybe $ansi() can help for certain chars. Best way is to set up an action group with regular expressions.
For example
RE: [áâä] Replace with: a



Thank you very much! An action group will do the trick. As for the discnumber, $num will not work since I have some discnumber > 10, but I got the idea - perhaps I can detect "/" in discnumber and get the string before occurence of "/"


$num() works, please try it first.