Multiple replacements

I have a lot (500+) of podcasts with album tags like:

Coast To Coast AM August 31st 2010
Coast To Coast AM September 4th 2010
Coast To Coast AM December 29th 2010

I want to shorten all the months into Jan, Feb, Sept, Dec etc.

I know the following will amend a single month

Replace "ALBUM": "August "-> ""

Is there a way of combining all 12 replacements into a single action?

Many Thanks!

Steve 45

Hint: Studying the Mp3tag manual and looking around in the forum messages and FAQ area can be a good help.

You can use the function "$replace()" together with the action "Format Value".
Please explain what is the advantage against 12 actions calls collected in one action group?


Many thanks, i'm new to the program, still exploring what it / I can do!