Multiple selection in right click menus of Tag Panel and Columns

I would like to point out that currently when we right click on Tag Panel or the name of a Column and see the handy menu with positions, we can click something [thus turn something on or off] only once. If we want to change something else we have to right click and navigate once more- which in case of Columns might be a tedious thing to do, because we have to first click something that is on the top [name of any Column] and the move to the bottom of list [if the thing we want is at the end of list]

Of course we can use the old way and go to Tools > Options > Tag Panel and Customize Columns to click as much times as we need. But it would be more convenient if we could just do the same using the right click drawn menus. And in order to close the menu we would only have to click outside of it, either with left or right button or even the middle

This change of behavior could be optional, to be turned on somewhere in options. But I think that what I propose should be a default behavior [turned on during installation]. And for all the dummies, as the last resort / fail-safe kind of thing, there could be "Close Menu" on its bottom or top, that when clicked would close the menu

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I think that this kind of behaviour was and is already implemented with the function at the bottom "Customize..." which then opens the classic selection dialogue where you can add and remove items as long as you want and finally click "Ok".

I think that it will be quicker to

A1] right click on name of any Column
A2] select e.g. 2-3 Columns - from the right click vertically compacted menu
A3] click anywhere outside the floating menu with any button
A4] revert that in the same way after a quick job

than to

B1] right click on name of any Column
B2] left click on Customize columns...
B3] select e.g. 2-3 Columns - from the Columns window which has bigger spaces between entries thus requires scrolling more likely than when using the right click menu
B4] aim for the OK button
B5] click the OK button
B6] revert that in the same way after a quick job

You do this once a week [the B method]- It does not bother you. You do this every day and more than once- you get annoyed [and wish for the A method]

I see what you mean now, and I agree, that has a certain charme.

I quite like the sound of this.

But isn’t this already possible with user set configurations?

Would be a nice option for quick tag edits, though. :+1:t2:

No. The basic idea is that the right-click menu for columns stays open until you click elsewhere than inside the menu area.
Like that you can select and deselect several fields without the need to right-click again.
I don't know what this has to do with

Yes please. This is a great idea!