Multiple Tag Addition Feature


grüß dich Florian!

i have a feature idea id like to propose.
ive been using mp3tag for a couple of months now and so far it works like a charm - thanks for that! been trying to get my library organized but its still giving me a hard time.. one thing that would make alot of work easier/solve some problems form the get go, is the ability to ADD TO a tag, multiple times. meaning: enter text into a tag; save; close file; reopen file; add more text to the same tag without overwriting the old content (keep old content wildcard*); etc
in particular: im trying to categorize my music by tempo, style, mood, 'colour' and various other characteristics - using one tag. for example: three tracks; i tag all three "summer", then i tag two of them with "acid piano"; the third one gets "hoover"; but each track gets a different "mood" - all in one tag.

is that even possible? if so, how high is the possibility of that getting implemented in one of the next releases??

and @all, how many of you would appreciate a feature like this as well??

thanks in advance.


You can just use the "Format value" action. If you want to add onto what's already written in, for example, the MOOD tag field, you'd use:

Action: Format value
Field: Mood
Format string: %mood% added text

(If you want the new text at the beginning, it'd be: added text %mood%)

I've never felt a need for a new feature to do this, since "format value" works perfectly well.

Another option, which is probably more efficient if you're doing a lot of these:

You could "compile" the combined tag from several of your own user tags. You could, for example, make separate tags for tempo, style, mood, color, and any other characteristics you want to include. (I call these kinds of tags, when they're just for my own use, "internal" tags.)

Then you would fill these internal tags however you want for songs, albums, etc. With those tags in place, you could use "Format value" to write the single combined tag you want. Make an action group for it to make it a two-click process.

So let's say song has all these "internal" tags, and your combined tag is "Note":
tempo: speedy
style: ugly
mood: happy
color: green

Then you'd use format value action to make your "Note" tag:

Action: Format value
Field: Note
Format string: %tempo% %style% %mood% %color%

Your note tag for that song would now be: speedy ugly happy green

your last suggestion is pretty much what im looking for. the problem with the first alternative is that all these "internal" tags would be in no alphabetical order - which, i forgot to mention, was important aswell. with the second solution, i can just create a custom action, and run a "tag-compilation" every now and then, for new tracks or in case old tag values have changed. and i can decide what order they will be placed in that compiled tag and i can even choose the separation sign! so far this seems to solve all of my problems. so yeah, sorry for the unnecessary post. maybe somebody can pove this to 'support' for other people with a similar problem.

thanks progprog!

No apologies needed! :slight_smile: I'm sure there are plenty of users who benefit from all the questions asked here.

Yeah, I thought the second approach sounded better too. In my experience, I'm never completely done tagging my music! :unsure: So if I were using your descriptive system, I'd probably be changing & tweaking these things occasionally, and the "tag compilation" approach accommodates that much better.

Happy to help! :smiley: