Multiple tag entry cleanup


I have a really messy tag issue that I would like to cleanup automatically if possible, and not one entry at a time...
an example:

Title: Jupiter\\Jupiter\\Jupiter\\Jupiter

Artist: Earth, Wind & Fire\\Earth, Wind & Fire\\Earth, Wind & Fire\\Earth, Wind & Fire

Album: The Collection\\All 'N All\\All 'N All\\All 'N All

you get the idea -I think that it's a result of one of those FIX IT programs ( I know <_< ) that has appended or pre-pended info without "cleaning" out the tag ?????????

Am I able to do this with MP3TAG ( which is the only program I have tried so far showing all tagging info).

Any help would really be appreciated.
Thanks for reading,


What audio format is that? What does the tag column display?

Hi dano,

they are all "mp3" and the tag column is:

ID3v2.3(ID3v1 ID3v2.3 APEv2)

which I think is my problem - the "FIX" programs have appended tags rather than clearing the field first.......... I would like to get rid of all the excess so that there is one entry for ARTIST, ALBUM etc,

as some programs are using the first entry in the tag, some are using the last - and they are not always the same info.

This is a rather large collection, so I am looking for a way to automate the cleanup - even if I have to monitor a step by step process (and click yes/no ) rather than manual one at a time
( aarggg )

( I hope that I have explained this properly )

thanks for reading, and any input that you might have !


I think that I have solved this problem with the "actions" menu - it was a little unclear to me when I first had a look at it...

The more I use it :book: , the more I realize what a "great" program it is ! - I'm going to try a bigger subset of my library, and see what transpires !