Multiple tags to a single mp3 file

Hey guys, hope someone can help me. I like to make mixes as a hobby and of course that results in me getting a single mp3 file containing maybe 25 tracks. Is it at all possible to give that file metadata for all the tracks? So let’s say for example that the first song runs for 3 minutes, that would be called Track 1 and then when it mixes over to the next song it would switch to Track 2 etc. I hope I make sense. So basically 25 Artist names and 25 track titles in one mp3 file.

Actually, you have just one tag but multiple fields.
It is possible to have several fields of the same type in one tag.
Only very few players support these multi-value fields.
There is no way to attach a tag field to a certain position in the audio stream.
Perhaps a cue file may help.

Another idea could be: Synchronized Lyrics
With this kind of metadata you can display the correct Artist and/or Trackname and/or other informations as "Lyrics" at the correct time position.

Unfortunately, Mp3tag doesn't support the SYLT-Frame.

I don't have any experience with this tool "SYLT Editor", maybe you want to have a look at it.

Cheers guys. I’ll look into your suggestions :slight_smile: