Multiple Track Info in One file

I have a piece of soundtrack that contains a dozen tunes. I thought about cutting the file up but the crossfades make that unattractive. The question is how do I create track info for some specific time segment in one file? Or am I stuck with cutting the file apart?

see the help on supported fields:

I have not seen any field that supports title and time information so that a particular section of a track could be addressed.
Perhaps you need a cuesheet.
MP3tag does not create cuesheets.

I've always done this with a cuesheet or a text-information in the comment-tagfield.

That's the point. I do have a cue sheet, extracted from the comments. The idea is to see the correct song title, during playback, not 90 minutes of "The Best of Homer and Jethro".

This could only be possible with a player that is able to show the content of the cuesheet instead of the tags. I don't know such a player.

Sigh... from the top.

I have a cue sheet. Question: do tags exist, and does MP3tag support them, that can be embedded in an extended file - many tags/one file. I think the answer is "no" but "if you don't ask, you won't know".

You are right.
Tags are Metadata thare are stored in the object itself.
MP3tag only cares about files and its embedded metadata and it can help you to import data from other files and export data to other files.

BTW - there is another thinkable solution for a player:
A player could use a technique like Shazam to look online during continuous play for these metadata and display this information.
But this has really nothing to do with tags and MP3Tag.

Time, say I, for some standards committee to fix the MP3 tags to clean this mess up! YEAH! :wink:

I can cut the file apart at the cues, add the right tags, and play from a play list. Part of what drove the question is having to work around a player that adds space between files played back. I try to avoid them, but I've found a couple of players who won't "play nice". Oh well... so it goes.