Multiple values with semicolon (meta and nth)

I have some files that have the separate album artist with semicolon ;
I would like the Album Artist to have only one artist and not multiple.

I have tried with the goal option but as I have to indicate that the separator is; I can not use the "nth" and "sep" option at the same time.
I have tried these two options but I can not join them, any idea?

$meta_sep(albumartist,; )


If you really want to join the fields of the same type, then you have to use an action of the type "Merge duplicate fields". In that action you can specify which separator you like.

Thanks for the reply
Actually I do not want to merge them, I would like the following:

albumartist: artist1; artist2; artist3

albumartist: artist1

If you want to remove all duplicate fields except the first one, then there is also an action:

Remove duplicate fields

I am a rookie in Mp3tag, but the duplicate fields only work with \, if you have semicolon it does not detect duplicates. The problem is that I need it semicolon and not \ to be able to use it from another software.
I have tried to specify with sep option the semicolon, but then I can not to use only the first one option.

Where do you see the muli-value fields separated by ;? Probably not MP3tag. Check the extended tags dialogue to see how many fields of the same type you really have. If it is just one (1) then there is no real mulit-value field but your player interprets that as several values.

Still, you could split the fields by separator (see the already linked list of actions), in this case semicolon and then remove the duplicate fields.

Thanks for your help

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