Multiples files lyrics


I managed to add a lyrics for ONE song but how can I do that for every song ? I'd like them to have their lyrics corresponding to the song because when I select multiples song, they all have the same lyrics.

Thank you

Literally registered this forum just to ask about this. I have plenty of .txt files with entire album lyrics I've saved from the internet over time, having a way to import them into the albums without having to edit them individually would save an EXTRAORDINARY amount of time.

Yes, this is so.
A web source script generates one web page in the background for scanning.
If you succeed to get a single web page that has all the lyrics for all the songs you have selected then this might be a way. I doubt that this currently) possible.(

If you manage to convert the text files in such a way that you have one line of text per audio file, you might succeed.
Yet, I think that the format transformation takes just as long as the manual approach with copy&paste.