Musepack chapters recognition


I would suggest this as a feature request.
Is it possible to display Musepack SV8 chapters, probably in extended tag panel?
They are situated at the end of the stream (before the track tag) and follow APEv2 specifications, so it shouldn't be so difficult to display them, I believe?
Writing (editing at least) support is maybe too much for the beginning, but would be sweet!


Wouldn't it be better to actually list the various chapters as virtual files in the file view?

Definitely, but is it realizable without too much changes? Just to avoid the probability to break something working, you know.
BTW, if you implement this (listing of the virtual tracks), you should think about a way to display the chapter numbers apart of the track number in which they are included. For example, track 2 may consist of 5 chapters. They could be displayed either as submumbers (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5) or you should implement a new column for chapter number.

BTW, once you implement such feature (display of virtual tracks) you can use the same (or similar) method for flacs (or others) with embedded cuesheet.

Hello Florian,

Do you still intend to implement the "virtual files" feature?