Music Genres

I am new to this program and can't figure it out.

I like to listen to music according to genre and when I transferred my music library over to my android device, I find that a number of the songs have been assigned to genres that just don't exist in my Windows library.

I am told that I have to write new tags onto the files buy when I bring them in to MP3tag, the genres are the same as in Windows so I can't figure out how to get started despite a lot of trial and error.

To give an example, an album classified as Jazz in Windows shows up as 8 in the android evice.

I installed MP3tag on my computer, dragged the songs into MP3tag and it still shows up as Jazz in the genre display box.

I tried installing MP3tag on the android device but it does not seem to be able to find the SD card where the songs are located.

It looks as though you have a flaw in your player software. the "8" corresponds to the byte as set in the mp3 standard (see and look for "jazz").
So your tags are allright, the only thing your android player refuses to do is display a string for the genre byte.
You could try to write a user-defined genre to a track and see what the android does with that.
Also, you could (try to) set MP3tag in Tools>Options>Mpeg to only write V2 tags as V2 tags imply user defined genres whereas V1 tags rely on the standard tags.

Interesting as other Jazz albums transferred over as Jazz and not 8. I will havle a closer look tomorrow.

I also had similar situations with other genres including a user defined one where most went into the
defined genre and some went into "other''.

I will havle another look tomorrow.

I seem to be missing a step here. I eliminated the Genre details on the tracks in Windows and then tried to set the genre in mp3tag but when I did, there seems to be no icon or menu item to save the changes. Perhaps this is where I am going wrong.

Once I set the genre in MP3tag, how do I save the changes?

once the files are opened in mp3tag, select them all, then change the genre (type whatever you want in the genre box), then click the SAVE icon in the upper menu bar, far left I believe (looks like a little disk). mp3tag should have a little popup that shows you it saved the files.

now, just because you've changed the metadata, doesn't mean all media players will pick up this change without doing something else. For example, itunes wouldn't pick up the changes until you clicked on the files to play, or removed the files from library and added back.