Music management problem

hello all,

I have an external harddrive with about 30gb of music. with the external harddrive is a folder called
music then inside that looks something like this

music > artist > album(s) > song(s)

everything is organized perfectly in my external harddrive. But when i sync to my ipod and then check my ipod after syncing a lot of the folders transferred okay but then there is one folder called "unknown artist" which contains about 1300 songs that have been pulled out of the organized folders

inside there are songs like:

Eagles - Those shoes

this file should be in the Eagles folder. I have googled this but have come up with nothing.

How can mp3tag help me fix this.. So i can change the path of the songs that are getting sent to the wrong folders during sync?

Thank you so much if anyone can help me


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I suspect the problem is your tags. Itunes is organizing the songs based on tag information (which it then uses to create its library database). the ipod then uses the library (database) for its info. So even though your organization is correct, if you have, say, missing album names or artist names, these become unknown. itunes/ipod doesn't guess the names from the file names. The good news is that you can use mp3tag to "guess" artist names, etc. from file names. Bottom line, is that now would be a good time to clean up all your tags in your music files. In the long run, this will make your life easier.

Thanks for the response Gary!

So all my artists names are fixed but yes you are right it didnt help when it came to syncing to ipod. So now the problem is all my artists are perfect i cant tell which ones are not being fixed unless i look in my ipod. What do i do with the tag to fix it? You said there is a way for mp3tag to GUESS the artists name. Can you tell me how to do this?

I still have a lot of songs in a folder created by Ipod called "unknown artists" and in there are the songs which i fixed !

so my two questions are

  1. how to get mp3tag to guess artist
  2. how to fix a tag?

thank you very much for your help

can anyone help?! please

This is covered in the help already. You would need to use the Filename - Tag converter and use a formatstring like %artist%\%album%\%title% for example.