Music Player that Shows All Cover Art Types?

Is there a music player out there that shows all the different album art cover types supported by Mp3tag?

Virtually all music players can show the front cover, but Mp3tag allows you to set cover types such as:
Band / Composer / Lyricist / Illustration / Band Logotype / Publisher Logotype

Is there any music player that allows you to show cover types such as "Band Logotype"?

I use Windows 10 / foobar2000 for reference, but any music player mentioned that can do this would be helpful to know.

For MP3 files, Winamp does this:
1 embedded picture:
Winamp displays it no matter what type.

Multiple embedded pictures:
Winamp looks for one with type 'front cover' and displays it.
If none are type 'front cover', Winamp displays one of the pictures, no matter what type.
If there are more than one that are type 'front cover', Winamp displays one of them.

There is no option to choose which type is displayed.
For other file types, different rules apply.