Musicbrainz 503 Service Error

I am receiving and error "error connecting to server: >>Service Unavailable (503)"

Please have a look here: /t/3591/1

I read this already. The application just suddenly stopped working with musicbrainz and i would like it to start working again. It's a great app and i like using it.

If they really have fixed it: maybe you are lucky and theyr (old!) webservice v1 works again.

I meant to comment on this status because I went back to the link provided above and found there is a new v2 link for download. I didn't get what people were talking about at first on the post. Enterestingly enough I had re-rewritten v1 code to v2 myself the day before and got it working. When I sat down and read the post I realized Dano has already updated it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all help.