musicbrainz alternative?


florian, have you considered using musicbrainz as an alternative to allmusic, amazon, etc? i think it's second only to allmusic for tagging. the only things i think mp3tag needs is....

  1. an internet lookup service other than freedb, such as musicbrainz
  2. color coded files, like some other tagging programs offer

i have tried a lot of taggers the past week and mp3tag has the simplest, no bull interface. i would love to see allmusic or musicbrainz support so that i can do away with the limited musicbrainz tagger.

again thanks for this great piece of software florian.


I'll definitely have a look at the MusicBrainz service.

Best regards,
~ Florian


great news!


For some reason MusicBrainz can't identify a track if it doesn't know the track length, and for some reason it can't obtain the track length for half of my MP3s.

MusicBrainz_json__AlbumArtist.src (2.78 KB)


Sorry, but these are the Mp3tag Forums.

If Mp3tag can read the length of your files, it's possibly a bug in the MusicBrainz tagger. If Mp3tag displays the wrong length, it's possibly a free-format MP3.

Best regards,
~ Florian