Musicbrainz brings back no results

Whenever I try using the MusicBrainz search tool, I never get any results. I am constantly finding that if I really want to make MusicBrainz work properly, I'd have to use Picard instead of MP3tag.

While I like to use MP3Tag to fix any of the issues that Picard has created (by incorrectly tagging music to the wrong artist, not being able to match tracks properly [because it's just being stubborn], or it thinks files are damaged), if I can't find a match for tracks that I know should match properly (Discogs has helped me out immensely at times, but still leaves a lot to be desired), I wish there was a viable third choice, and it appears that there is no really good alternatives.

The reason I bring this up is because on many occasions, I have noticed that MusicBrainz database doesn't have songs that should exist, and when I have tried to add them to the database, I was rejected twice for no reason.

Clearly, if something exists on iTunes music store, then it should exist in MusicBrainz, and I should be able to tag it with MP3Tag, but this isn't always the case, and I'm having a really hard time getting around this since I have this backup drive with close to 100000 MP3 files that were recovered and incorrectly named for me when it was returned, which is driving me crazy. Is there any quicker way to fix this? thanks.

I am sorry, but I don’t follow the reasoning here.

You want MP3tag to find releases in Musicbrainz that don’t exists, because that’s what Picard does?

I was trying to use MP3tag to be able to tag MP3 files that can't be tagged by Picard.

What I wanted to let you guys know was that MusicBrainz never works in MP3tag, and when I do use it in Picard, I have found it to be lacking very much. I was wondering if there is a very good alternative tagging script that actually works in MP3tag 1.7.8 for macOS? Discogs is only good if you can make a match. When you can't, then you're screwed. Thanks!

AFAI understand that platform, it is a user-driven database. So if you do not find a particular piece of information, then it would be up to you as part of the community to contribute and fill the gaps.

In general I do not understand why you address MP3tag and the web source scripts that only read the information offered by Musicbrainz for any deficiencies on the source side.
I would think that your problems in respect to data accurarcy would better be dealt with by Musicbrainz.

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@patdiddy I would suggest that you try the Apple Music or iTunes scripts here: [WS] Apple Music - #35 by AreDigg

They query the Apple Music or iTunes databases and have given me very good results in my experience. I have not had issues with MusicBrainz either though. Keep in mind that you may need to shorten the album title that you are looking for in the Tag Sources search field. That was an issue I had at first and didn't realize I was being too specific.

For example, if you are looking for the Vagrant Story Original Soundtrack by Hitoshi Sakimoto, you may need to alter the search field if the script populates it with something like Hitoshi Sakimoto Vagrant Story Original Soundtrack. So generalize the search a bit by only searching for Vagrant Story or even just Vagrant, then select the desired result from the search results.