Musicbrainz doing my brain in....

Hi guys,

My first post here, and one that I have already read plenty about.

I am going to try and explain my problem the best way I can, Recently I was given a friends old hard drive that was pulled from a philips wifi box, and on this HD lies about 1500 mp3's, but they are all in number order, I.E. 24568.mp3 24569.mp3 if you see what I mean.

So while I was away I decided to test a portable version of mp3tag, and after some testing I managed to get musicbrainz to work on the external HD and it worked really well. Incidentally this was about 6 weeks ago. and I was using v 2.57.

also the laptop was running 64bit win 7 ult (to be honest I don't think that makes a blind bit of difference).

So now we come to a few weeks later and I have some time on my hands I've decided to get back to tagging these songs, so I did as I did before and all I get now when I click onto the musicbrainz tag is that it asks for the album (this is not known as all files are in one large folder), so I just press next and I'm greeted with the infamous "Error connecting to server" 503 error.

So my next attempt was to try the full version, thinking that it could be the portable version causing the problem, (although it didn't on the laptop), and lo and behold exactly the same, so as a last ditched attempt I thought try and go to the people who use it far more than me and try my luck there.

It's not as if I don't use taggers because my fav is tag&rename but as we all know it doesn't have fingerprinting..... boooo hisss.

PC spec for tagging is XP SP3 Pro,

Also I'm not trying to tag multiples of files I'm just trying one or two at a time.

Also read the forum post about updating the sources which I did but didn't make any difference. same old 503 error.

One thing I want to know is : why the hell MusicBrainz Picard works on the same XP machine...... (If your wondering why I'm not using picard it's because it hasn't got a play feature). how could you tell if it's the correct tag without being able to listen to the file before adding the tag info to it. and it's nice that mp3tag has this feature.

I could really do with some help or guidance on this one chaps as I'm fairly out of ideas......
cheers for any replies
oops nearly forgot, none of the mp3's have any tagging info on them as I believe the philips box used gracenote to pull the info from the web.

If the files have no tags you cannot use Musicbrainz in Mp3tag. You must enter some info in the search window.