musicbrainz fields for tagging wav

I don't know if it's okay to post this here. Sorry, just in case.

I need to know if it is possible to use, at least, the following fields in a .wav:


For .flac files I can enabled (and it works), from Tools>Extras>Tag-Panel (eg: adding MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID). But for .mp3 and .wav I can't
It is possible to do? Other names fields correspond for .wav or .mp3?
What I care is .wav.

PLEASE, I need that help.


I found this list of WAV info chunks:
It does not look like there is a field for the album id (just like there is none for composer).

The way to modify the tag panel is described in the help

I put the fields for a mp3 (eg: MUSICBRAINZ ARTIST ID instead musicbrainz_artistid). I don't know if it works, but at least the program that I use sorted the album artist in right way.

The usual field for sorting the ALBUMARTIST is ALBUMARTIST.

You see the name of a field in the extended tags dialogue (alt-t).
If you want to refer to the contents, enclose the name in %, e.g. %albumartist%.