Musicbrainz IDs

Hi, I've really tried hard to search for a definitive answer to this but had no luck.

Can I write Musicbrainz IDs (Artist, Album Track etc) to my files using MP3Tag?

I've managed to add columns within the program that display IDs written by other programs (Foobar and Picard) but so far applying them with MP3Tag has defeated me.

I suspect the answer is that I can't, but I find that so strange (along with the strange fact that I can't find any solid evidence that I either definitely can or definitely can't do this) that I thought I'd ask.

See attached pictures, they show an excerpt of the set of tag-fields stored in a mp3 file.
There are tag-fields with names starting with MUSICBRAINZ.
You can edit or create or delete such fields from within Mp3tag.
Did you never try it?


OK, but do you mean that I can manually add each Musicbrainz tag if I know the IDs?

What I really need to do is to query the Musicbrainz database via MP3Tag, choose the relevant album and then update all the tags in one operation. Is that possible?

You can do that by installing additional sources to Mp3tag from here:

Yay, it works!

Thanks a lot.

I have another unrelated question. If my tracknumber tags are in the format 1/16 (track 1 of 16 total tracks) and I use %track% - %title% as a string to convert my filenames according to tags then my filename will be rewritten as 116 - Title. How can I avoid this without renumbering the tracknumber tags?

$num(%track%,2) - %title%

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