Musicbrainz: no entries matching search criteria

Hello everyone,

Up until a couple of days ago, musicbrainz was working perfectly for me, showing me matches for all my searches. I was using v2.88...All of a sudden, I mean from one file to the next, it stopped working, telling me that no entries are matching the search criteria.

At first, I thought this was happening for a specific album, but I went back to the albums musicbrainz had found before and I kept getting the same message.

I tried unistalling v2.88 and updating to v2.88a but I keep getting the same message for all my searches.

Could you guys please help me with a fix for this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

Even though it is a German thread you will recognize the source for the download of an updated script:

It looks like the reason is MBs new SOLR search server:

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