MusicBrainz search format

How do I change MuzicBrainz to search for tags by title and artist instead of album and artist. I tried editing the MusicBrainz.scr as below without success any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. FYI most of my filenames are in a "artist - Title" format.

#[SearchBy]=$regexp(%album%,'[-+!(){}[]^"~?:\]',)$if(%artist%, AND artist:($regexp(%artist%,'[-+!(){}[]^"~?:\]',)),)
[SearchBy]=$regexp(%title%,'[-+!(){}[]^"~?:\]',)$if(%artist%, AND artist:($regexp(%artist%,'[-+!(){}[]^"~?:\]',)),)


If you look in the same MusicBrainz.src you will find this two lines:


This is the search URL for /release/ (=MusicBrainz definition for "album").

You have to change it to something like /recording/ or /work/
according to

I don't think this two resources return the same amount of parseable data as you get it for release.