Musicbrainz tagging need tweeking....

The Musicbrainz team have decided to abandon the use of "feat." in artist and title fields and instead use semicolon. For some odd reason, Mp3Tag uses forward slash, which creates at least two problems: A band like AC/DC is treated as two bands. Forward slash cannot be used in filenames.

Nevertheless, I can live with that for a while still until you fix this (But I won't be making any more donations until you do :wink:

My issue now is that I wish the musicbrainsz script could be modified to strip out "feat." and replace it with semicolon (preferable), or a forward slash (if you must hang on to that).
Secondly, I wish to have a simple way to choose which fields to include from MB. Like I do not want to have album or artist sort order included.

But I do want to have the album ID and every artist ID written to the tag.
It doesn't seem to do that today.
Are these requests possible to honor?

All that you request can be done by you in a post-retrieval action group.
Replace the slash with whatever you want (and also remember the $validate() function that create valid filenames).
You can also delete tag-fields in this process or keep a certain set.
So, no donation needed with coins but with brains.

Looking at the MB v2 script, I don't see any mentioning of "feat" there. It is likely copying everything "as is" including the semicolon, so I do not see what is the problem. Seconding, just open the websource file (C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\sources) and comment out the sections that you wish to remove or look at the script itself under the section #Customization (referencing the MB v2 script again):

# ... Customization ...

# Fields that you want to remove
#    (to remove a field write: set "field")

#set "language"
#set "albumartist"

Thank you guys for taking the time to reply. :slight_smile:
However, you both seem to assume that I have programming (scripting) skills. Regretfully, I do not....