:huh: Last couple of days, noticed no returns from any research of albums done at MusiBrainz.
The site is up and running, is there any new src file to use?
Tks and Merry Xmas for all!!

I have the same issue, reported here: /t/3591/1

Well the html code was changed, the script needs to be adapted to the changes.
You must wait till somebody fixes it.

Who is the "Pro" on such things? Could someone tell us, if he/she is working on this?

I've just released the update.

Thank you VERY much, it works again!!!

I have a little suggestion for improvement:

Try your newest MusicBrainz-Source with my example data:
Artist: Sheryl Crow
Album: Sheryl Crow
Number of Tracks: 13
Release-Year: 1996

MB holds 4 (!) hits with 100% score.

Would it not be helpfull, if you could additionally compare the numbers of tracks?
By checking this information, the hits would be reduced to 2, because only 2 albums are releases with "my" 13 tracks.

And could someone explain why the result-preview shows for the query above entries like
Scorpions "Lonesome Crow"
Carl Martin "Crow Jane Blues"

Is there a option like "search only for exact matches"?

And another little wish:

How could we get the BIGGER picture from amazon? It is the same URL as in the output["coverurl"]= ""just one character makes the difference: The "M" after ".01." before the "ZZZZZZZ.jpg" should be changed to a "L".

Is it possible with the Web Source Framework to change a single letter? I tried to use the string in the "coverurl" but wasn't successfull to change it to output["coverurl"]= ""
Could anyone help? :book: :music:

:slight_smile: Tks Dano. It's working again.