Musicians/DJs: Mixmeister BPM Analyzer vs. Rapid Evolution 2

Just out of curiosity:

I used to trust Mixmeister BPM Analyzer for calculating BPM values (okay, it sometimes doubles/halves, but wth). Now I ran across a tool apparently many DJs trust for harmonic mixing: mixshare’s »Rapid Evolution 2« which in most cases gives a totally different reading. (What I like with RE2 is that it tries to find both key and time the song was written in.)

Would any musicians or professional DJs care to try these out and let us know which one is »right«? I myself am pretty much ignorant about music theory but still would like to have correct data in my music database, so I’d like this question to be answered by some professionals.

Thanks in advance.

I've noticed that - but Rapid Evolution is so very slow (Java) - so I don't use it.

I'm using the very fast MixMaster BPM Analyzer - but rounding to one decimal.

I'm with you - I like correct data.

But try to check it on Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3 or 800 MK2 - different BPM's too.

.. and .. I've just did the run over all 70's records .. which BPM should I use from e.g. Carwash? First minute 113, 2nd minute 121 .. :wink: