MusicID from Gracenote


I am just cleaning my 20 GB music library and it is quite challenging even with Mp3tag as sometimes I do not have all the information. I have found that WinAmp uses "Auto-Tag" feature that behind scene is using MusicId technology from Gracenote to provide song title, album and artist based on "Audio Waveform Recognition" !!! In other word it is listening some part of a song and based on song characteristics then searches Grecenote database for song details. More info at

It would be great it next version of the Mp3tag tool could use also this technology.

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currently only QMP is using it for tagging purposes.

the downside of musicid is that you must use gracenote's dlls and show gracenote's logo while making the query to the musicid service.

Further restrictions are Gracenote's licensing costs & the fact that if you sign a contract with Gracenote to use their service you are not allowed to use any other tagging source in your program.