Musicolet VS Google Play Music

I had a few hundred .mp3 files that I tried to edit a few different times so that I could have nice album art for my music player on my android phone.

I tried musicbrainz and mp3tag and no matter what I did with the album art I picked from the internet nothing looked good in the GPM app so I looked around on my play store and found a free music player without ads that works much better then the GPM.

So here is what I started doing last night I downloaded the app called Musicolet and then scanned it for the few songs I had in my sd card music folder and all the art work looked great not overly stretched or fuzzy or anything like that plus I can use the album art on the lock screen. Plus you can also close the app from the lock screen as well which I like.

So what I did was I got all the information from musicbrainz and then I put all the female country singers in one folder and then in the mp3tag program I changed the album art to a cool picture from the internet I downloaded for the album art for "Female Country Singers Only" I also did the same for men, And then I have one specific image for all of my favorite artists five finger death punch has 1 image for all there music. The same for finger eleven and nickelback and a few others there is just 1 image even though there are multiple songs from different albums.

That way I have the album art all the same its easier to find a song that way.

I just pick by the image and play them like a playlist.

So far so good.

Good luck to you all with using the programs and apps. I found this worked best for me but to each there own.