Must be a Poltergeist altering a tag

I am new at this and was attracted to MP3Tag because of its remarkable versatility. So what could be better to organize traveling music? But I’m having a problem and am very mystified.

I am using Filename to tag, ie specifically %ARTIST% - %TITLE% to generate uniform files but what I want and get seems to be two different things.

(The Header) Filename--------Title---------Artist

What I want: Artist-Title-------Title-----------Artist

What I get: Artist-Title-----Artist:Title--------Artist

The confounding issue for me is that the data on the MP3Tag screen looks perfect. But . . . when I look at the Windows 10 file the artist field has been added to the title with a colon as a delimiter.

Any suggestions would really, really be appreciated.

It would help to see a real filename and the mask that you use in which function. So please show us a screendump that shows both.
Also, if you use Convert>Filename-Tag then you import data from the filename to the named tag fields.
If you use Convert > Tag-Filename then it writes the tag contents to create a filename but then I doubt that a colon would be part of that as it is an invalid character for filenames and MP3tag usually takes care of that.

Problem solved. I completely removed the copy of MP3Tag I was using, which was the latest version, and replaced it with an older version.

Now, everything works as it should.

But most importantly, thank you ohrenkino for lending a helping hand.

So this means that you have to keep that old version for ever now?
So if you really want to get to the bottom of the problem, please supply the information to analyse what was initially not as you expected.

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