My 2007 wishlist for Mp3tag


Hi, these are some ideas for further improvement of Mp3tag in random order. Some are small some are big. Of course any of these would be highly appreciated.

  1. Custom buttons/hotkeys for actions which are used often.
  2. Button/hotkey for selecting all files in the same folder as the selected file.
  3. Button/hotkey for selecting all files in the next folder (in the file list).
  4. Bigger area for editing 'Formate tag' format strings.
  5. Websources: a checkbox for "save image to", so you dont have to click that 'save' icon every time.
  6. Splitting of tags just like foobar does and better support for split tags.
  7. Right-click-on-file entry "Open containing folder in Explorer"
  8. More features possible in actions: running of external programs, creation of playlists, splitting of tags.