My audio files are displaying alphabetically rather by track number

Newbie here. I have changed the file name to prioritize the track number and replace track number as filename value. I thought that would display all my files correctly however think all that is doing is showing the correct listing in Mp3tag editor. Meanwhile my files are showing up in my mp3 player alphabetically like this.

Always Here (track 6)
Baby, Baby (track 5)
Cash is King (track 4)
X-Ray Eyes (track 3)
Yes Song (track 2)
Zebra (track 1)

I can't seem to fix this other than manually changing all tracks to lead with a number. In other words, doing something like this...

01 Zebra
02 Yes Song
03 X-Ray Eyes
04 Cash is King
05 Baby, Baby
06 Always Here

There must be is a way to do this without manually implementing numeric values as a part of the song title. Surely, I'm missing a step. Help.


You do not tell us which fields are already filled e.g. if the field TRACK is filled.
If the player uses the title only, you can add the track number to it with the function
Format string: `$num(%track%,2)_%title%

Currently the Title, Artist, Album, Year, Track and Genre are filled out. I've tried the auto numbering wizard and everything else I can think of to fix this but to no avail. Like I mentioned, this particular album does not have "01, 02, 03..." in the title fields. I would rather not go through this title by title putting in "01, 02, 03..." on each and every song but my vehicle's mp3 player is only recognizing the titles alphabetically. I know I'm missing something.

you could try to rename the filename so that if becomes
%album% _ $num(%track%,2) _ %title%
and see if it helps