My compilations are listed as seperate albums

My compilations all appear as separate albums despite being tagged as compilations, presumably because I have the actual date the song was released for each individual song, rather than the date the compilation was released for the entire album. It's fine in iTunes but I'm setting up Foobar because I'm using that as the player on my new phone, and it's really annoying.

Is there a way around this? Like some sort of "sort date" feature in mp3 tag, so that it groups all of the songs together as though they were all from the same year, while retaining the actual date for each individual track?


Well, you could set the field ORIGYEAR to keep the original year stored somewhere and then set YEAR to the same year for all tracks of an album.
Have you filled the field ALBUMARTIST with explicit data or do you rely on the implicit mechanism that assumes "Various Artists" if the field is empty/not there?