My Fault Lost 800 all Contributing Artists Converting Too

First time I have ever Tried to Tag my Music, its a Mess? :flushed: <_< I have 800 Titles and I am Going to Place them on an Ipod Touch (Old) and a USB @ Fat32 As a CarStero Player
I have tried to just Batch file convert them as This is the String I Used
< %_filename_ext%%albumartist%- %title% >
I wanted < Album Artist - Title > And thats it

This is a Demo File
< ( 1927 -) That's When I Think of You > I have lost the Part in Brackets ( 1927 )

and they also have a (`) 3 Spaces before each one
But Lost all the Con Trib Artists, CTA is the only way I dont finish up with a Hundred Vairious Artists if I use just Artists that what I get
and it is Obviously Very Wrong can you please help me to Create the Right Tag and Replace all the Album Artists Thanks in Appreciation :slight_smile:

The title seems to contain both, artist and title. Might be worthwhile to split them up first.
Is the album field filled with data?
Then you can sort by album and enter the albumartist (BTW: just one word, not 2) for each album manually or copy the contents of ARTIST to ALBUMARTIST with an action.
Using the %_filename_ext% as first part of a convert format string, is a little unusual:
you get files like
Abba SOS.mp3ABBA-SOS.mp3
You do not have to mention the filename if you use the function Convert>Tag-Filename.

Not quite sure what actually happened after reading the OP, but it's worth noting there is an Undo function (though you likely only realized the changes after closing Mp3Tag).

Did you apply the the formatting to the filename or tags themselves? In the screenshot I see an empty Album Artist field, apart from the tick character, but the Title tag appears to be correct (that is, Album Artist - Title). As ohrenkino mentioned the %_filename_ext% bit is unnecessary.

I guess what I'm wondering is, were the contributing artists in a specific tag that you lost?

Thanks for Replying so Quick Guys , three Lessons hard Learnt Re No need for Filename , Undo function , and I should stay away from Tagging and anything to do with Syntax and Strings .

If I continued on from < Filename_% > then

Run them with --> %albumartist% - %%title%
So if I Ditch the Filename_% and just Redo the Files that I Lost as
%albumartist% - %title%

will that make solve the Problem On the IPod and will it work on the USB Car stereo (Fat32) as well can you Demonstrate what is required Please Cheers Dasha :smiley: :slight_smile:

The filename usually has nothing to do with the contents of the tag fields.
Yet, if you have a player that does not read the tags, you might have to rename the files so that the data from the tag fields also appears in the filename.
As the software solutions vary from player to player, it is up to you to find out what the respective player allows. I cannot guarantee anything.

Thanks for the Help :frowning: :huh: