My first html-export


Something is wrong with length in "Extended 01 html Album Overview". Check out attached file.
And explorer is reporting some errors on page.

~ milka

Drum_n_Bass__Detailed_Album_Overview_.htm (102 KB)


I will check on it.

EDIT: Checked and corrected it. Now it should work fine. But I don't know the reason for this is.


Problem with extended-script was solved and there is now also the additional support of the three fields %musiciancreditlist%, %releasetime% and %releasedate% for the extended and the simple script.


I updated the album-artist script so please download them again. They now have a major performance upgrade.


Forgot to mention that there are some updated simple-exports and some updated albumartist-exports. They are from the 11th of June.
I know give you the opportunity to choose between the old (non Array) and the new (Array) version. :slight_smile:


A new script is available. It sorts the albums and mixes by the year they were released in. :slight_smile:


OK, again some minor and major changes in the script.
One new major feature is that I created pls-playlist exports and with the decade-script, the extended-script and the albumlist-script (array version) you can easily switch between m3u and pls by searching for the following line in the exports:

playl = ".m3u";

Simply replace the m3u by pls when you want to use those lists. For the other scripts simply replace all the '.m3u' in the export by '.pls'.

Other things:

  • Faster loading of albumlist script under Firefox/Opera.
  • Better support for Opera.
  • Some minor size optimizations

So download the scripts when you want those additional things. :slight_smile:

This will also be the last version of the Decade-Script and the Simple-Script unless there are some major bugs.


Updated the decade view (added some additional functions) and also updated the albumlist script. There won't be any previews for a short time.


Updated the extended script.
Some features are that it now has a seperated are for mixes and it now also offers a detailed date.

FOR all scripts I now offer a real popup for the review and a cover-script that now also works with Opera!

First post


And again one update and this time it offer a really neat feature for the extended-script.
It's now possible to change the names and formats while running the export!
Therefor a Settings-Button was created, which is right of the statistics. The values are saved in cookies, so please allow them!

other things:
FIX: Some problems with the mix-area were fixed.
CHG: Faster loading of export under Opera.
CHG: Corrected spelling in some parts.
CHG: Some small modifications in scripts.

The Internet Explorer will say that there is an error in the script after saving, but there is no problem in executing the commands. So no panic. :wink:

Please go to the first post and download the updated version to get the benefits.


Hello! Today I'm trying out these SquallLeonhart38 export scripts for the first time and it's very exciting. I don't know anything about JavaScript, but I think I can see why my album covers aren't loading because the following fragment seems to demand a very specific naming system for the images.

[from SquallLeonhart38 Simple 01 html Album List.mte]

Can anyone give the code to display the first image listed in the folder regardless of name?

By the way, is there a batch operation possible in Mp3tag or otherwise that would allow me to rename all of my album covers to a consistent format? I don't see much advantage to this, but I'm